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דר דינה ניר פסיכולוגיה חיובית

Positive Psychology - keynote


Positive Psychology workshop for managers

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The art of negotiation - keynote


The art of negotiation - workshop

dr.dina nir

Organizational consulting for managers

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Training for HR managers

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Positive Psychology for managers - training


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פיתוח צוותי עובדים

Team development - workshops

Sometimes we need someone to remind us who we are capable of being at our best,
how we can reach our full potential, and live our best life


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Dr. Dina Nir is an inspiring and charismatic lecturer. The course in positive leadership opened up a new and extraordinary world for us both in its effect on our personal and professional development and on the circles around us. We received daily application tools for positive leadership, for cultivating our strengths and those of the people close to us in the personal and professional framework. The course in negotiation management led us to a creative process to find a solution that provides a higher response than expected and creating a WIN WIN for all parties. Highly recommend!
Orit Mutaheda-Gurion
Maccabi Health
November 2022
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Dina Nir came to our office at Roche and brought with her a rich world of knowledge and practices in the field of positive thinking. The combination of knowledge and the magical personal energy that Dina brings with her left an impact over time in our organization, and even created a new language. On a personal note, the list of positive qualities that we filled out in the questionnaire has been on my desk for several years and in challenging moments I look at it and remember Dina and the image of the princess and queen that she teaches and gives me renewed strength.
Galit Peled
Roche Pharmaceuticals
August 2022
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We chose Dina to go through an internal organizational process with in-depth thinking about conduct between the team, the process was structured and precise, we left with products and conclusions that serve us in our daily conduct. As a skilled team that went through so many trainings, we always had a hard time finding a leader for such a sensitive process, Dina accompanied us professionally, intelligently and with great listening. There is no doubt that Dina is a leader in her field and that in the future we will choose to work with her again.
Avishag Serig
Janssen Israel
August 2022
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Dina came to the aerospace industry to lecture the employees about "positive leadership in management" and like a fine wine (or whiskey) she gave a show that left an impression on my employees. I held a manager's day where they skillfully presented the achievements of the first half of 2022 and we were treated to an excellent lecture by Dr. Dina Nir on "positive psychology". I met Dr. Dina Nir several years ago when I was the central purchasing manager of Electra Ltd. and I remember one piece of advice that I was able to apply in my personal life and it worked wonders for my children.
Ofir Guggenheim
Aerospace industry
August 2022
A fascinating and professional lecturer, who trained the team of Electra sales managers in negotiations, sales and positive psychology, succeeded in a limited number of meetings in connecting and consolidating the team of sales managers of Electra Elevators. The managers acquired work tools for life and learned to work as one complementary group despite the difference in the fields of occupation and the products sold within the company. The managers received a very high added value which is expressed every day in their work, in their personal performance and that of the entire company. A collaboration between the different units has been created which significantly increases the outdoor sales of different products from different units to common customers.
Ofer Nathanzon
Electra Group
September 2022
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We invited Dina to our company for a logistics center team and we especially liked her personality, there are many lecturers who deliver sandwiches and in the end it is the personality that creates the excitement of the experience and the way in which the topics are presented. It was simply pleasant and approachable, Dina harnesses people to her naturally and at eye level and has a high personal leadership ability. The professional workshop was based on studies combining examples from everyday life, work and personal life. It was important to us to give the team something they don't normally get and they did come away with valuable results and conclusions for their work routine and personal life. We intend to preserve this goodness in our company. There is no doubt that we will invite her to us again!
Sagit Pikovsky
Emi Technologies
March 2023
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As someone who has taken quite a few courses, I feel that this is the course that gave me the most practical tools for dealing with negotiation situations. And perhaps even more importantly, the course makes me think every day, from where I operate in both my private and professional life. Dina is such an attentive and precise lecturer to the participants that throughout the course I felt as if the course and the examples given were specially adapted for me. I would be happy to recommend to anyone in doubt.
Eyal Laifer
January 2023

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Optimism Intervention 

How to train people to strengthen their optimism and become more resilient at work and home.

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The Feedforward Interview guides managers to empower their team members by learning together about optimal experiences at work.

Creativity templates 

How to think more creatively in negotiation so that you reach outstanding Win-Win solutions.

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GROW Model of Decision-making

A method for resolving internal conflicts and reaching win-win decisions that promote growth, happiness, prosperity and self-fulfillment.

Dr. Dina Nir

Positive Psychology for Managers

Dr. Dina Nir

Positive Psychology for Managers